Are you in your early to midlife and already feeling overwhelmed? 



Do you worry about dropping the ball if you make changes that prioritize your health, your family, your quality of life?


Do you feel disempowered and exhausted without a clear path forward?


Better yet: Retrain Your Brain


To create a life that reflects your priorities without compromising the important stuff:


*More self-care without guilt

*Less stress without a job change unless you want it

*More quality family time

*Better work-life balance without compromising performance

*And so much more...

Because this is how we being our own example of what's possible EVERY DAY.


You are the ONLY ingredient needed!




Sound too good to be true? It's not!

Welcome to...

A comprehensive wellness platform designed specifically for women.


Within this online coaching community you will find:





Discover all the reasons why you have been stuck in groundhog’s day and work through them so that you can forge a path to a life that cultivates and preserves your well-being EVEN during stressful times. 






Hi! Welcome!


My name is Cathi and I'm a certified life coach. Although it sounds like I'm recovering from an addiction, or a professional woo-woo-er, I have spent the last several years learning how to promote my wellness WITHOUT burning my life to the ground.
Basically, I help people identify why they have their current life and how to cultivate the life they want.


"She is AMAZING!"

I found Dr. Cathi Whaley frankly by accident and exactly the right time for me. I am not one that needs things sugar coated and even on our first meeting she didn't sugar coat anything and have me figured out pretty quickly.  She has had me dig deeper than any therapist.  Coaching has been much better for me than therapy.  I absolutely love her, her perspective, and her ability to call you out without really calling you out but making you realize it yourself. 


"She's just amazing."

I was lucky to find Dr. Whaley through a local woman physician Facebook group offering coaching. I took her up on it, and I instantly loved the model of her coaching. Cathi is knowledgeable, professional, non-judgemental, and insightful to help guide and coach to a better self and, ultimately, a better life. She has a gift for recognizing needs in others and truly is a coach at maneuvering those tricky thoughts, ruminations, bufferings, and habits and turning them into actionable positive change. I cannot recommend her highly enough!! She is helping me improve my life, and that is priceless. My mom and best friend have commented on how much happier I am since starting coaching, and I attribute that success to my coach. She also has a blog and offers resources for all, so that access to improvement isn’t cost-prohibitive!! 


I started working with Cathi since last fall and then realized the true value of coaching .

I think of coaching as fog lights . When the mind is clouded with limiting beliefs, doubts, fears & anxiety- light of coaching can bring clarity. Cathi exactly played that part in my life .

Her coaching also helped me execute two real-estate deals.

She also helped me cope with grief that I experienced after I lost my loved one.

Apart from being a coach - she’s a wonderful friend & as I have observed- a great wife, mom, sister & daughter.

I really hope more people can benefit from her coaching.


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